Adventures in the Arctic

The Arctic is a very chilly place at the top of the Earth also called as the North Pole. It is an ocean, mostly covered with ice. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to be in a place where there is continuous snowfall? What type of animals live in the North Pole and


The Science of Music

We all know that science is everywhere – we see it in the trees around us, the sky, the animals and even those things your Mom cooks in the kitchen. But science is not only seen, it is heard, too! Have you ever wondered how sound is created? You are about to keep your hands


STEAM Storytelling-Style

Did you know that children’s stories provide a great context for learning STEAM? Join us for a virtual storytelling session where we will be reading and bringing STEAM stories to life. Each session, we will be reading and doing book-related activities together online! Join us for one or more sessions! New book each week! Day


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