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We all know that science is everywhere – we see it in the trees around us, the sky, the animals and even those things your Mom cooks in the kitchen. But science is not only seen, it is heard, too! Have you ever wondered how sound is created? You are about to keep your hands busy tinkering musical instruments and creating beautiful melodies while learning science.

Do you know that sound is made up of different properties? You can actually break it down to different parts. You can see its vibrations. You may even observe how sound travels.

To learn the science of music, we have cooked up some unique and creative activities that all sound FUN!

Ready to hear the science behind sounds? Let’s march to the beat of a scientist’s drum, put on our curious lenses and jump right into the action!

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Technical Requirements:

•Internet connection
•Working microphone and speaker. We recommend a set of headsets or headphones with an integrated microphone.
•Optional- Webcam. Either external or built-in.
•Laptop or desktop (not tablet or phone)
•Keyboard and mouse
•All meetings take place on GoogleMeet.

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